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Paranormal Analysis has been set up as an alternative to other paranormal groups, previously we worked on commercial investigations with the public, now we will be conducting private investigations in your place of residence or work. We will embark on investigations and analyse your experience. We will post blogs, explore photo, video and audio footage that you send in.


Paranormal Analysis is all about letting you have your say and enabling you to make relevant comments on the footage that will be sent in by members of the public on their own investigations and experiences.

We want to investigate, see, hear and talk about anything that you may have currently going on in your own home or work place, and to be able to share this with like minded people.



































"One thing about Paul Alland that stands out for me is his ability to stand out from the crowd. In my experience with Paul, not only is he professional, creative and organised, he is also a man of his word. From Hypnosis to Paranormal Research there is no end to this man's talents"


Ally Key  Tv Psychic Medium. ( Psychic Today Tv show )

Let's all work together and share our experiences and learn from each other, no one on earth is an expert in this field, if they were we would all know the answers and no one would have any questions at all,  but collectively we can look, listen, form opinions and try to come to some conclusion.

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" Paul Alland is a thoroughly professional individual who gives one hundred percent to anything he does. He's also a very people orientated person, making sure everyone feels included and has the experience to deliver on his promises. "


David Wells  Tv Personality (Most Haunted, Jane Goldman investigates)

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