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Paranormal Analysis is an idea that Paul Alland has had floating about in his head for quite some time now. Paul has been involved in the paranormal from a very young age when he believes he had his first encounter at the top of his parents stairs in the house he grew up in, in Portsmouth. He claims.








Paul claims that from that day onwards he was always petrified of ghosts, spirits and things that lurked in the shadows, yet Paul has had a fascination with all things paranormal ever since, he says that he constantly read books went to events and did anything he could to get involved in the paranormal.


Over time Paul has been involved in countless investigations, sat in many different development circles and worked with many different people in the Paranormal genre, he did this to learn and pick up on what other people experienced and to see what he could get out of it. In 2003 Paul started to work in radio and by 2004 he was starting to convince radio bosses to give him a paranormal show, at that time in 2004 Paul got to interview Derek Acorah who was then riding high on the heels of his own successful reputation and Most Haunted.














Paul with Derek Acorah in 2004.


But it wasn't until 2008 Paul finally convinced bosses and got his own paranormal Radio show, a local psychic medium was brought in as his

co-host and the show "Tuning-In" was created.


Tuning-In had a massive international following with people E-mailing in live during the show from Australia, America and many more wonderful destinations. David Wells (also from Most Haunted), was a regular on the show giving his insite into the paranormal and regular Astrology readings.
























Paul with David Wells in 2008


Tuning-In came second in the spiritual connections paranormal radio show awards in 2009, not bad for a short lived show.

Paul has since kept his hand in with many different paranormal groups and organisations but now feels it's time for Paranormal Analysis to be launched, he wants everyone to feel part of it and to be able to get involved with what he believes will be a wonderful new adventure.

Paul is a Master Hypnotherapist and has had work published on line and printed in paranormal magazine, Silent Voices.  


" I remember being a young boy and wanting a drink of water at about 2am, I opened my bedroom door and there was an old lady standing there looking at me, she curled her index finger towards me as if to gesture to go towards her. I then ran and hid under my covers until i was pulled from under them in the morning by my mother."

Paul And Derek 2004 Paul And David. Signature-Paul-Alland-1 Paul Alland Head Shot.